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The most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Posted by Prime Luxury Hotels on July 4, 2014
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For those looking to truly pamper themselves while on vacation, the choice in accommodation is everything.

Even in the most magnificent of destinations, you don’t want to stay just anywhere, and knowing which hotels will offer not only the finest in comfortable bedding and facilities, but also those that give you all the extras the average hotel or resort won’t provide, such as outstanding customer service, and of course privacy.

Prime Luxury Hotels have put together the definitive list of the very best in hotel accommodation, both for vacation as well as for the business traveler, helping assist in finding the world’s best hotels when you are booking.

Here are some of the world’s most expensive hotels.

The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Nothing says pure luxury like the grandeur of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

When you first arrive you are greeted by this magnificent 394 room hotel which cost around $3 billion to create, complete with 40 meeting and conference rooms, a stunning white sand beach, fountains, spas and a massive amount of marble imported from 13 different countries. And then as you enter you’ll notice the chandeliers, as there are over 1000 of them, all shining endlessly like an Arab jewel.

The Emirates Palace has played host to many of the world’s top leaders, celebrities and hollywood stars, but it’s not exclusive to them, and anyone looking to spend a little holiday cash can certainly mix in good company.


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